Professional Image Editing and Restoration

Photograph Restoration and Repair

acuteFX Design can take your old, worn photographs and bring new life to them through digital restoration. Treasured family pictures are priceless, but even with the utmost care can become damaged over the years.

We can repair images with:

•  Creases, scratches and blemishes
•  Holes, rips and torn edges
•  Colour fading and light damage
•  Water damage and spillages

We can even add colour to black and white photographs!

Standard Restorations are £20. Advanced Restorations with significant damage cost between £30-40, and Ultimate Restorations for heavily damaged photos will be quoted after viewing. All repairs come with two 6"x4" prints and a digital copy. Further formats and prints are available on request. For more information please click here

Image Manipulation and Editing

There are many forms of Image Manipulation. Some of the most common requests are image cutouts (also known as renders or sprites), editing photograph layouts, upscaling an image's resolution, colour alterations, collages, or simply resizing and cropping.

acuteFX Design has over 10 years experience in image manupulation and can create or edit just about anything you can think of.

For more information and examples of our Image Manipulation, please click here.
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