Photograph Restoration and Repair

acuteFX Design can take your old, worn photographs and bring new life to them through digital restoration. Treasured family pictures are priceless, but even with the utmost care can become damaged over the years.

We can repair images with:

•  Creases, scratches and blemishes
•  Holes, rips and torn edges
•  Colour fading and light damage
•  Water damage and spillages

We can even add colour to black and white photographs!

Standard Restorations are £20. Advanced Restorations with significant damage cost between £30-40, and Ultimate Restorations for heavily damaged photos will be quoted after viewing. All repairs come with two 6"x4" prints and a digital copy. Further formats and prints are available on request.

How to send your photographs

You can send your photographs through to acuteFX Design in three ways:

By Post:

Often generating the best results, posting your photos or negatives to us allows us to scan them with high quality equipment and generate better end-results. When sending by post; please purchase recorded delivery and include insurance if the photograph is particularly valuable. Also include something to stop the envelope from bending such as a postcard, if possible. If you want to send a batch of photographs (10+) or large images that cannot be posted, we can have them collected for £4.99, or £9.99 insured.

Home Scanning and Email:

If you have a scanner or 'all-in-one' printer at home, you could scan your photographs yourself and send them via email to acuteFX Design. Please follow the scanning guidelines below for home scanning:

•  Scan your photos at 600DPI if possible, or 300DPI minimum. Note that DPI is sometimes called PPI.
•  Make sure your scanner's glass and photo(s) are clean before scanning - dust and fingerprints show up!
•  Disable any 'auto-contrast' or 'colour correct' settings your scanner may have.
•  Save in .JPG, .BMP or .PDF file formats if possile.
•  If your scanned images are too large to send by email, feel free to use www.sendspace.com or www.wetransfer.com to upload your
   images before sending them to acuteFX Design.

Professional Scanning and Email:

Some print or camera shops will have scanners and photo-copiers open to the public and you could use these to scan your photographs before sending to acuteFX Design. When using a professional scanner, please still follow the guidelines above to ensure a good quality copy.

For information or assistance with scanning your photos please contact us.
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