Photograph Manipulation and Image Editing

There are many forms of Image Manipulation. Some of the most common requests are photo cutouts (also known as renders or sprites), editing photograph layouts, upscaling an image's resolution, colour alterations, collages, or simply resizing and cropping.

acuteFX Design has over 10 years experience in image manupulation and can create or edit just about anything you can think of. We have also worked closely with photographers in the past, enabling them to offer professionally enhanced photographs to their clients.

Photo Cutouts

Nothing looks worse than an image with it's background removed improperly; leaving little sections of background or noticable straight edges around the object. acuteFX Design uses patience and a keen attention to detail to create fantastically detailed cutouts to be used on your website or offline materials.
Example 1  -  Example 2.

Editing a Photograph Layout

Using advanced manipulation techniques, acuteFX Design can subtly or completely change a photograph's layout. We can add people into images, and move or remove people without leaving a trace of where they once were. We're also very experienced in changing photographs' backgrounds - either making the background more aesthetically pleasing, or replacing the background all together. Click here to see an example of out layout editing / collage work.

Enhancing Graphics & Upscaling Resolution

There are many cases where you might need a higher-quality image than what you currently have. If you want to print your logo on business cards or leaflets for example, you'll need the logo to be at least 300DPI, which we've found is often not the case. Older images that get saved over and over again can also lose quality and develop artifacts or "fuzz". acuteFX Design can take these low quality, low resolution images and recreate them in a high 300DPI or 600DPI resolution. We can also recreate logos and graphics as vector images, which would be perfect for car vinyls or company apparel.

Creating Digital Copies of Offline Material

Much like how we improve low quality digital images, acuteFX Design can also create high-quality copies of offline graphics. Working from photographs, scans or even sketches, we can create digital copies of almost anything. This example shows the digital copy of a motorbike's original sticker, which was then printed and used while restoring an old motorbike.
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Photograph Restoration

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