Link Building and Articles

Link Building consists of scoping out websites that would be valuable to link with and then setting up a mutual link between that website and your own.

As with Directory Listings, the benefits of Link Building can be split into two areas. The first being direct traffic; where visitors arrive at your website through links placed on someone else's website. This generally only happens with fairly large or high-profile websites.

The second (and arguably more important) key benefit is increasing your website's PageRank. Google
sees your links on other websites and uses them to calculate how relevant your website is for particular
phrases or fields. The more links you have - the better chance you have of topping the search results!

Articles and SEO

Articles work in much the same way as 'standard' Link Building, but instead of simply adding a link pointing to your website, you're submitting SEO friendly articles full of keywords and information on yourself, service or product, which Google can then find and associate with your website and brand.

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Search Engine Optimisation

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